milestones this week

This week we’ve had all kinds of life happening.

We got to celebrate Owen for making honor roll his first 9 weeks in kindergarten.

When I saw the invitation in his backpack for the award ceremony, I yelled “Owen! You made the honor roll!”
He said, “I did?!…What’s the honor roll?”
It was super cute.

His school went all out for the awards ceremony with a Hollywood theme, and the kids got to walk the red carpet in the center aisle to get their certificates.
Have I mentioned we love this school??

Later this girl took her first steps!

Owen had been playing with Harper, and he came running to me saying, “I think you need your camera. Harper is doing something amazing!”
She did it one more time for me to see…but of course not for the camera.

Not surprised she walked first with her brothers.
They are so good with her, and she tries to keep up with them.
Buddies for sure.

The kids have been riding bikes (or the walker, in Harper’s case) in the driveway. Ande worked with Owen to teach him how to ride without training wheels over a couple of days. After some initial tears and wanting to give up, he found his determination and got the hang of it.
Cheers all around!!

Tomorrow also marks one year since we got THE call from our social worker that we had been chosen by Harper’s birthmom to be her parents. Ande and I teared up a bit tonight talking about what a gift she is and what a great year it has been.
Looking forward to celebrating her first birthday later in the month. I had some fun buying a few GIRLY gifts for her today! I can’t wait to see her play with them!

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  1. Marlene says:

    They all sound gifted to me. Love,KK

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