pumpkin patch 2013

I love going to the pumpkin patch.
We made our annual visit on Friday, one extra child in tow.
It was Harper’s first visit.

Last year around this time we were wondering if we would ever get “the call” that we had been chosen, discouraged that we were a waiting family for a full year. Little did we know we would get that call a couple of weeks later.
Let me tell you, we were glad to have our daughter with us this year!

Setting up the family shot

Brother/sister same face.

The tradition of riding the tire horse.
Knox is a full belly-laugher, and I love it about him.
Little boy joy is fun to witness.

This boy, how I love him. He is growing up.
The difference from year to year is amazing.

The graceful dismount :)

Kisses from the boys

Our sweet little waver

Knox saw Harper sitting there and ran over to hug her, repeating “Hey Babycakes, hey Babycakes!” over and over.

This is one loved little sister!

The boys were so brave until this horse came walking up to us, then the backpedal started! It took some convincing, but they regained their bravery.

This rooster hopped up on the fence and started calling.

Harper was super into the rooster. She can answer “what does a rooster say?”, so she spent a while answering its call.

Thankful for fall, pumpkins, the color orange, cutie pie kids, and this man to share my life with.

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  1. Chanda says:

    Wonderful autumn memories…

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