yellow submarine (x3)




One of my favorites, now passed down through all three (cutie pie!) kids.
Glad I held onto it!

It is still HOT here in October, but Harper wore this for her final test at the end of her Safe Start survival swim lessons. She had to roll over in the water and float as though she had fallen in the pool in heavy, winter clothes and a diaper.
She did great!!!

Every weekday for the past four weeks for 10 minutes a day she did this…

And today she “graduated” and did this…

Usually we wait until our kids are a year old to do Safe Start lessons, but we signed Harps up at 9 months (they can start as young as 6 months). I was so proud of her for learning this skill so young! She never did get over the fussing in the water while she worked, but as soon as her lessons ended she would smile, wave, and blow kisses at her instructor…like no hard feelings, you know?
If you are local and wanting to do this, Kristen is a fabulous instructor. I can’t say enough positive things about these lessons!

I also took the two younger kids to the park near swim lessons, and one of my kids was loving the swing and one was not.
Can you tell which is which? :)

Her no-smile face was so funny to me. Usually, she loves the swings.

She’s totally a furniture cruiser and a quick crawler these days.

and totally loves her brothers…

Knox is so adventurous…no ladder or giant slide is too big. It does my heart good to see this part of his personality displaying itself. It’s fun to watch.

Happy weekend! We are looking forward to more soccer and hopefully some relaxing at home!!!


  1. Marlene says:

    Kelly, I had let the blogs that our family writes, slip my mind. I have just been checking FB every once in a while. I guess it seemed that when I did check the blogs, no one was updating them. So when I saw the blog site, I so enjoyed the pictures and updates. Precious!

  2. Joan says:

    So fun to see Owen at a young age!!!

  3. Rinnie says:

    Hurrah for Harper! Love the pics of the kids.

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